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Victoire is:

Mellissa Hughes, voice (amplified)
Olivia De Prato, violin (amplified, needs phantom power from the mixer) 
Eileen Mack, clarinet (amplified),
Missy Mazzoli, keyboard, iPod, melodica, toy accordion, talk-back
Lorna Krier, keyboard
Eleonore Oppenheim, double bass (amplified)

and has the following sound reinforcement requirements:

*we will need a PA system

* Olivia De Prato (violin), who stands far stage right,  has a contact mic that she brings herself.  This mic has an XLR output and needs phantom power from the mixer.

* Eileen Mack (clarinet), who also stands stage right (to Olivia’s left) needs a microphone suitable for amplifying her clarinet.

* Missy Mazzoli (keyboards), who stands in the center (to Eileen’s left), needs a keyboard amp and a DI. (It is preferable that the keyboards go into the amps, and then directly to the board from the keyboard itself or the amp.) She will also need a microphone for her melodica.  (The same mic can be used for the toy accordion.)  She will also need a separate, stereo DI (or 2 mono DIs) for the iPod.  It is not necessary to have an amp for the iPod as long as the players can hear the iPod through the monitors.  She will also need a talk-back microphone (this can be the same mic that is used for the melodica and the accordion).

* Lorna Krier (keyboards), who stands in the center (to Missy’s left) needs the same keyboard setup as Missy.

* Eleonore Oppenheim (double bass), who stands far stage left, needs a DI for her double bass pickup.  Ideally she will have a bass amp as well.  (It is preferable that the bass goes direct as well as into an amp.)

*Mellissa Hughes will need a vocal mic.

As a group they will need at least two monitor speakers with two individual monitor mixes, preferably three.  They will also need a sound engineer, preferably someone who has experience with amplified classical instruments as well as indie rock music.